I’m Carolyn. I am, quite evenly, twenty and a half. Home is some combination of upstate New York and western Pennsylvania and Chicago suburbs.

I’m a college student studying creative writing and theater, so when I told people I started a blog no one was very surprised.

My name means “song of joy” and I like theater and gender-inclusive language and Little Women and tea, and Shakespeare and slow fashion, and moving in and musicals and needlework and lists and oxford shoes. And no, I have not seen That Thing You Do. Once I learned to shoot a pistol from a cast member of Argo (which I have also never seen), and another time a street performer in Central Park did a backflip over my head, and another time I went to the Globe Theater three nights in a row and it changed my life.

Polysyndeton is a literary device involving the use of multiple conjunctions in close succession, and I like using it probably too much (re: the previous paragraph).

I don’t know if I have a favorite verse, but Isaiah 45:3 is important to me, and so is Mary Magdalene.

I think that’s all for now.